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GERON has been manufacturing and supplying the complete range of card clothing prodcts for all applications since 1964, is the leading manufacturer of card clothing in China
Established in December 1999, Zhejiang Huafon Spandex Co., Ltd. has been the first listed company of China in the field of spandex
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Company "Silk Road Asia Trades"
Silk Road Asia Trades supplies various textile production equipment for all processes of cotton processing, yarn, fabrics, clothing production. According to the customer's requirement, the company provides professional commissioning and technical advice. Also, our company supplies various metal components. For example: bearings, rings, spindles, rollers, rotors, combing roller, various plastic components. For example: bobbins, hooks, vessels for yarn, etc.
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We have over 10 years experience in textile industrial. We give outstanding support to our customers in textile field.
We offer products not inferior to the quality of European analogues.
A wide and constantly expanding range of spare parts for textile equipment, allows our customers to save time in finding the necessary parts.. We can get quality analogs, which will provide the maximum maintenance-free period of operation of equipment.
We are your trustworthy partner. Our target is longtime cooperation and 100% satisfaction of our customers.
All spare parts, components, accessories and consumables for the equipment are guaranteed by the manufacturer's service life.