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17.07.2018 CAITME 2018

From September 5 to September 7, 2018, the Central Asian International Exhibition "Textile Equipment" - "CAITME 2018" will be held in the NEC "Uzexpocentre".

CAITME is the largest professional international exhibition of equipment and technologies for light industry in Central Asia.

According to industry experts, CAITME is the platform for presenting the latest achievements in the field of textile machinery and technology, a meeting point for sellers and buyers - industry experts from around the world. The exhibition creates favorable conditions for successful entry into one of the most dynamically developing markets, recognized as the center for the development of the regional textile and fashion industry.

Why is the exhibition important for manufacturers of equipment and technologies?

Today Uzbekistan is one of the important world producers of natural textile fibers, cotton fabric and knitwear. Uzbekistan's light industry, in particular the textile sector, is one of the strategically important and dynamically developing sectors of the national economy. The attractiveness of the industry for foreign investors is determined by a number of factors. Among them, availability and stability of the raw materials base, namely, high-quality cotton fiber, affordable energy prices, skilled and inexpensive labor, well-developed production and logistics infrastructure, financial and legal services systems, capacious and unreached promising sales markets in the region.

According to experts, in recent years in the industry there have been multiple qualitative and quantitative changes. The main economic indicators of the industry, namely, the volume of domestic processing of cotton fiber, production volumes, exports and attracted foreign investment increased several times. The specific weight of cotton fiber processing reached 40% of the total production. Modern textile enterprises including dyeing, finishing, knitting and sewing industries were put into operation.

About 200 enterprises with participation of foreign investors from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, the USA, India, etc. have been created over the years of independence. Foreign investments in the volume of more than $ 1.5 billion have been attracted to the industry. Large foreign companies investors such as DEU International, Daishin Textiles, Haintex, Shindong Enercom (Korea), Baiteks Tijaret, Tekfen, Bo Group, Alcimel Textiles, Mert iplik ( Turkey), Spentex Industries (India), Vayreks, Osborn Trading, Tagus (Great Britain) and Other.

The program of modernization and development of the industry for 2010-2015 is being implemented in the republic. According to it, in the next five years it is planned to implement about 100 projects involving attracting foreign investments in the amount of more than $ 200 million per year and to increase the percentage of internal processing of raw materials to 50%. Accordingly, this will increase the export potential of Uzbekistan's enterprises by an average of 2-2.5 times.

All this, in turn, will support the demand and demand in the modern high-quality production and technological equipment and technologies of world famous manufacturers at a stable level.

The international exhibition CAITME provides an opportunity for local companies to get acquainted with the most up-to-date developments in the sphere of production of textile equipment and technologies and acquire them without leaving the country. The participants of the exhibition can find both the local representative (agent) during the exhibition work days and conclude a contract for the sale of their own products.

The target audience of the exhibition:

Heads of textile, knitted and sewing enterprises and manufactures

Heads and specialists of state structures, ministries and departments, industrial associations and companies of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other countries of Asia, Europe and the CIS

Private entrepreneurs and heads of private textile, knitting and sewing companies

Representatives of distribution companies

National and foreign mass media

Scientific employees and technical specialists

Representatives of international financial institutions and banks.

Sections of the exhibition:

Preparatory and cotton processing equipment

Spinning and twisting equipment

Winding, winding and rewinding equipment

Weaving machinery

Knitting and crocheting equipment

Dyeing, printing, finishing equipment for textile production

Embroidery equipment

Cutting and sewing equipment

Various machines of textile production

Instrumentation and laboratory equipment

Accessories for textile machinery

Software and monitoring in textile production

Equipment for the processing of textile waste, environmental protection

Chemicals and dyes

Maintenance of textile production